Pintamúsica visited us!


Last Friday a group of musicians came to visit us, the kids of p3. We went to the auditorium and sat in the chairs. We were so excited for the concert and finally it began. It was amazing!

The concert was not only about music but also we saw art. When the musicians were playing the instruments like piano, saxophone, trumpet and the flute, they were drawing on a white sheet, it was magical! We could not stop watching it with huge eyes; we were like owls watching everything around us!

They sang so many songs about the seasons and they sang one that we learnt for the grandparent’s day! We could sing with them and we did a very good job!

Then, they gave us instruments that looked like small eggs, we did not know what it was for, but when we shook it, they made sounds. With these new instruments we could accompany the musicians in their concert! We had so fun!

It was a pleasure that they could come to our school! We had a nice time! Thank you very much.


This week we celebrated our love for music.

First, we watched some videos about the different instruments to see what they look like and also hear what they sound like. Later, in cooperative groups we colored the music decorations for the school’s entrance.

Have you seen that the stairs were transformed into a piano? That was the good work of the students in primary! We, in P3, P4 and P5 enjoyed making the decoration for the windows.

We learned about a lot of different types of music. We learned about jazz and where this style was born and why. We are experts! Then, we danced to swing music in couples and even tried our own dance styles. It was so much fun, we enjoyed it a lot!

Our music teacher showed us a video about Montserrat Caballé and Freddy Mercury singing together a song for the Olympic Games in Barcelona. We learned that Montserrat Caballé was the best Catalan opera singer in the world and, Freddy Mercury, was a real rock star. We also saw the performance of the magic fountains work when this song was playing.


On Thursday we celebrated Santa Cecilia the patron of music and the older students of our school prepared an amazing concert for us. They were singing in two groups and there were two judges, one was very funny and the other one was grumpy. The students sang a lot of songs that we could recognize and sing with them. One of our favorites was “head, shoulders, knees and toes” because we know the moves, we can show you!

We had such a fun week and learned many new songs!