Artigal method: “STORYTIME”

The method that we use, it’s one created by Josep Maria Artigal. It’s good to remember his motto: We learn a language when we do interesting things with others; it’s the intensity and emotion what makes us subjects of learning.

We teach through short stories. These stories are dialogues between two characters and in the beginning, is the teacher, the one that represents all of them without any visual support. What is important is the tone that is given and the accompanying gestures, which always must be equal for each oral expression. The child memorizes everything, and before the teacher says anything, he knows what he has to say in English. The child feels as the main character, he feels important.

Once children know the story, they start working it with games, flashcards and some material to draw or cut and glue to support the learning process.

The children bring at home a “Puppet Theatre”, where is drawn the setting of a particular story and some stickers that represent the characters. It’s very important to listen to them, since as Josep Maria Artigal says “Languages are acquired when you use them”

These videos are a little demonstration of their achievements as well as the differents activities we have been working to learn the story.



“Peggy and Granny”

Peggy doesn’t like soup, but Granny comes up with an ingenious solution.

“Peggy’s Song”

Peggy is a big girl. She is three years old. But sometimes, she sucks her thumb.

P3-Peggy and granny



“The Balloon”

A little boy walks down the street sees a balloon and picks it up. The balloon is dirty so he goes to a fountain to clean it. He blows the balloon up and looks at it proudly. And then…

P4 The ballon



Emmy asks her Mummy to make a cake. Mummy says “OK, let’s make a cake”. They put in yoghurt, eggs, chocolate, flour and sugar. They mix everything with the mixer, and they put it in the oven and wait for a while. And then…

P5 The cake




La Castanyada i la festa dels avis

Amb la tardor arriba la castanyada. És una festa entranyable i molt bonica per celebrar amb família. I és això el que hem fet aquí durant aquests dies.

Els alumnes de P3 vam començar la setmana amb una visita molt especial: van baixar de la muntanya dues castanyeres carregades de castanyes! Ens van explicar com feien la seva feina i nosaltres com a agraïment els hi vam cantar i ballar cançons de la tardor. Hauríeu d’haver vist les nostres cares, ens vam quedar bocabadats!


Dimarts va ser un dia molt especial per tots els nens i nenes del Parvulari: vam celebrar el dia dels avis!

Ens havíem preparat unes cançons de la tardor (en català, castellà i anglès). Amb molta il·lusió cada curs va cantar als seus avis les seves cançons. Ens van aplaudir de valent! Després els hi vam ensenyar les nostres classes i finalment vam baixar al jardí per celebrar la Castanyada amb ells. Que bones estaven les castanyes i la coca que ens va preparar el Nino!

Aquesta setmana ha sigut curteta, però ha vingut carregada d’experiències i moments molt emocionants!

Ja estem preparats per fomentar el nostre valor Impulsa del mes de novembre: No estàs sol, no vius sol.