English theatre in our own school!

The “BLUE MANGO THEATRE” has offered us two magical and musical shows with puppets, songs, comedy and a lot of interaction with the public.

This company is formed by professional actors. They come from speaking English countries and they have a great theatre experience with public that is not native. They offer works adapted to the different stages, levels and interests of the students.

P4 show: “Pinky pig” 

It’s the first day that Pinky Pig goes to the farm class and is very excited. Soon he discovers that if he wants to feel good, he will have to learn to be polite, to clean up what has become moody and to have a good relationship with his classmates. It includes farm vocabulary, animal names and class activities.

P5 show “Santa’s Star” 

theatre P5

It’s Christmas night and the elves Frodo and Baggins are preparing the gifts that Santa Claus should carry to all the children around the world. Rudolph, however, is sick and he has to stay in bed. Soon they realize that they need another theatre P5 2assistant and fast! But what animal will it be as good as Rudolph!

The objective of the school is the same that of the company BLUE MANGO THEATER. “Learning English” is a fun, participatory and an enriching experience.


And we have achieved it!

The children have sung, laughed and bove all they have taken part spontaneously.

And exit!  




Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts lessons are a creativity time and place where kids can express themselves throughmanipulating different techniques and materials meanwhile we use English as the classroom language.

Using engaging activities, kids can develop their fine-motor skills as well as their creativity. It is an opportunity to mix different abilities to make  connections between hands and mind being this a way to expand their linguistic skills.

During the second Term, we have been working on some Easter crafts in which we have used a great variety of materials and technics:

In P5 we have done a pastry mat and some colour feathers to decorate an Easter cake. To do the pastry mat kids have had to punch along the template black line. They have had to put in practise their manual ability and accuracy. Besides, we have used tissue paper and toothpicks to make the feathers.


In P4 we have done a beautiful Easter egg with a little surprise inside…They have used wax crayons to colour the egg and they have had to punch the template lines as well. Om the other hands, they have also drawn a chick using wax crayons. At last they have ripped yellow tissue paper and paste it as straw. The final result is a happy chick coming up of the egg.


Besides these Ester crafts, we have been working on other kind of activities. For instance, in P3 starting from The Very Hungry Caterpillar storytelling we have done some related crafts:


–  Using balloons and paint we have printed the Caterpillar. They had a lot of fun with it!


–  Then we have drawn the eyes, feelers and legs.


–  Additionally, we glued tissue paper on The Caterpillar food, we have painted it and finally we have punched it. Even the little hole!


–  Eventually we told the story again using our crafts.