Auditori: Setze cordes


Us, the kids of P4 we went to the Auditorium to see “Setze cordes”, it was very cool!

We arrived to the Auditorium, we were so excited about what was going on! We sat in a very comfortable sits. We could only see a lot of boxes around the stage, we couldn’t stop thinking about, for what are they going to use them?

Finally the concert begin. A group of four musicians arrived to the stage with different string instruments: a couple of violins, a viola and a violoncello.

We couldn’t blink! It was amazing, with lights and shadows!! We could see a lot of string instruments, sing and listen so many music styles. It was awesome! We want to go again soon!

P5 in the Auditorium


We had an amazing Wednesday!

Us, the kids of p5, went to the Auditorium to see “Els nous colors del metall”, it was gorgeous!

First, we took the bus to go to the Auditorium. We were so excited and we could not stop talking about what was going on! Our teachers explained to us that there are a couple of rules for going to a concert. We must be silent, like in the cinema because the musicians have to be focused on their job and, if we talk, it could distract them. Moreover, the most important is to have a great time! That is the best one!

Finally, when we arrived there, we went to a huge room, but there weren’t any chairs! We had to sit on the floor. That was weird, normally we have to sit on chairs for these things, but was fantastic! Suddenly, the light went out and three musicians came with trumpets and saxophones.

We didn’t want to blink! Everything was amazing! But there were not only instruments, there were also drawings made of shadows, lights changing colours and everything together was so cool! We could sing, saw a lot of instruments, listened to different types of music, more classic and modern, and, we enjoyed a lot!


Wednesday was a fantastic day! We want to go again soon!