Our sport week


This week we celebrated a wonderful week of sport. On Wednesday afternoon all of us in P5 went to fetch our godchildren in P4 and P3 before going to the garden. We couldn´t believe our eyes – a whole range of activities prepared for all of us by our teachers.








One of the activities that we enjoyed a lot was crawling through a tunnel and jumping over some obstacles. We did a few of the activities completely on our own, some other activities in groups or in pairs, and sometimes our godparents where there to help us if we struggled.

For example, one activity that was quite difficult, was when we had to jump by using big colourful bags, but luckily our godparents from P5 were able to show us how to do it.

They also helped us to concentrate and balance so that we don´t fall off the balancing beam.

An activity that we already knew and could do easily was jumping into differently-coloured hoops lying on the ground. And finally, we felt like basketball super stars when we had to throw the balls into the different boxes and we really enjoyed it a lot!

We liked it so much that we hope that we can repeat it again soon. We loved doing different sport activities with our godchildren and godparents.