A surprise visit


To learn more about our environment and how to take care of our planet, the students from “Ciclos Formativos” surprised us by visiting us on Wednesday and Thursday. They told us that they used recycled materials to create lots of fun games for us to play.


We learned to recycle different things like plastic yogurt containers, paper milk cartons and old newspapers. What we also really enjoyed was to use these things to make new toys and games instead of just throwing them away.


Some of the different activities were playing dominos, giant memory and puzzles, making instruments, playing bowling, and taking the crafty fish that we made to swim in the sea that they prepared for us! Some of the activities also taught us to classify different objects together and separately according to their colours, shapes, quantities, and sizes.

We had so much fun playing with things we had never played with before and realized that we could make our own toys out of objects instead of throwing them away.


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