English Theatre: P4 and P5


Finally the expected day arrived! The “Blue Mango Theatre” came to our school. We were very excited, but we had two questions: “Will the company offer us two magical shows like always? Are we going to have a very good time?”

The Blue Mango Company employs professional actors. They come from English-speaking countries and they offer a great theatre experience to non-native spectators.

They offer works adapted to the different stages, levels and interests of the students.But what is really important is that in the shows, there are always puppets, songs and a lot of comedy for us to enjoy.

The two shows were:



The theatre show they acted out was a variation on the traditional story. Little Red Riding Hood takes soup to her Granny, who has a cough and lives at the other side of the woods. On her way, she meets Walter the wolf, who loves soup too and with his evil plan, he tricks her to get hold of the soup.Who will get to eat the soup? What will happen to Little Red Riding Hood and Granny?



Once upon a time, there was an old woman who baked a gingerbread man that came to life and escaped! He met some animals that were very hungry and wanted to eat him: a pig, a cow and a horse. All of them told the gingerbread man he was very rude and that he would get into trouble but he was too fast and ran away. One day he met a very clever fox that wanted to help the gingerbread man to cross the river… Can the gingerbread man trust the fox? Will he get to the other side of the river or is the fox too hungry?

Our school and The Blue Mango Theatre Company have the same objective – to make learning English a fun, participatory and an enriching experience.

And we have achieved it! The children have sung, laughed and above all they have taken part spontaneously.


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