English Speaking Time

The purpose of the Speaking Time sessions is to naturally and playfully encourage the learners to acquire vocabulary and essential expressions in English. By making use of games, songs, theatre play, and storytelling through picture books and videos, we encourage the spontaneous use of the language. Let´s look at the past week´s Speaking Time sessions to how this has been done.

¨This week we´ve had so much fun learning about different modes of transport. Look at the exciting story our teachers showed us! We all go travelling by. This sing-along song include all sorts of different modes of transport and the different sounds they make!

In addition to the story, we also played a lot of games. Some of us really like competitive games, so we were very happy to play transport bingo. We enjoyed working in teams to complete the different transport puzzles and we helped each other to remember the English name before one of the other teams can do so.


Another game we were very good at was spotting the similarities and differences on the electronic white board. We could identify the shapes and shadows of the different modes of transport and also tell when there´s one picture that doesn´t fit or complete the grid when there were certain pictures missing.


Above all, what we enjoy the most, is moving our bodies when our teachers say the following:

  • Spin like a helicopter
  • Pedal your bicycle
  • Fly like a plane

Now that we know so much about different modes of transport, remember to ask us to teach you the English names when we walk past a car, a train, a bicycle or see a plane in the air!¨


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