Esta semana los niños de Parvulario hemos estado elaborando unas magníficas  construcciones con Kapla.


Este juego consta de un sinfín de tablillas de madera que ofrecen infinidad de posibilidades.

Estas tablillas ayudan a los niños a desarrollar su creatividad, la lógica y la organización espacial así como la concentración, la precisión y las leyes del equilibrio. Además, este juego ayuda a  los niños a interactuar entre ellos y a desarrollar competencias sociales.


!Lo hemos pasado muy bien!


School Camp

Last Tuesday and Wednesday the children from P5 went on their school trip to a camp in Mas Silvestre, Canyamàs. Our first sleep-away camp!!


We wanted to say goodbye to our pre-school education by spending time together and in a place where nature had an important role. Our theme was the spring animals and plants. Games, learning experiences, research, gymkhanas and investigations were our core activities during the day. English was our key language for the trip.

We were bursting with excitement on Tuesday morning. Rucksacks, sleeping bags, caps… the adventure was about to start. Everything went brilliant. The trip by bus, the activities, the meals and as well…the long-awaited night! A game started our night time fun followed by a pyjama party full of festivities.

Many congratulations to all the children for their excellent organization. Everything was in their bags. All their personal items were well packed along with their wonderful hygiene habits. But most importantly… full of happiness!!!

Do you know what? We have been congratulated on our level of English. The monitors have highlighted the high level of comprehension and speaking that we all have!!! This has been an area of pride and satisfaction for all our teachers.

Parents, your kids are growing older and everything is going brilliant.



Preparem el Festival de final de curs

Ja fa dies que hem començat els assajos pel Festival de final de curs! Ens estem esforçant molt perquè quedi molt bonic i pugueu gaudir de l’espectacle.


Al principi no semblava fàcil però poc a poc ens hem après tots els passos i entre tots ens hem ajudat molt.

És un moment important per celebrar que ja hem arribat a final de curs, que hem viscut moments sorprenents, nous aprenentatges i reptes que ens han ajudat a créixer, a conèixer-nos més, a sentir-nos importants i estimats.

Us esperem amb moltes ganes al nostre Festival: Waterland City